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Games in this tournament

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Tournament terms and conditions

Stage 9 runs between
Week 33: 21.09.22, 19:01 (CEST) – 28.09.22, 18:59 (CEST).
Week 34: 28.09.22, 19:01 (CEST) – 05.10.22, 18:59 (CEST).
Week 35: 05.10.22, 19:01 (CEST) – 12.10.22, 18:59 (CEST).
Week 36: 12.10.22, 19:01 (CEST) – 19.10.22, 18:59 (CEST).
Drops & Wins includes
● Each Tournament runs for seven days from Wednesday to Wednesday with daily Prize Drops in parallel.
● Weekly prize pool of €62,000 in total across 1,500 cash prizes.
● Players have an opportunity to win cash prizes in Daily prize drops with weekly prize pool of €63,000 in total, a daily prize pool of €9,000 across 500 cash prizes and Free Round Bonuses as prizes.
●Winnings from Free Round Bonus prizes won during Multiplier Weeks are excluded from multiplier prize mechanics.
●Free Round Bonuses may be awarded to the player for the same participating game in which the player won the prize and for the same bet as the winning bet.
●If the bet amount in the Free Round Bonus winning spin exceeds €10 or the equivalent amount in the available currency, the Free Round Bonus will be paid out based on a bet of €10 or the equivalent amount in the available currency.
How to win
● Players need to choose to play with real money in any of the participating games with a minimum bet requirement of €0.50 during the promo period.
● There is no additional cost for players to participate.
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